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Offering a multi-disciplinary team approach to sports medicine, injury rehabilitation/prevention, strength & conditioning and health & fitness. We believe in training movement patterns rather than individual muscles and use a functional approach to do this. Catering to all ages, levels and abilities from the elite Olympic athlete to the complete beginner.

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    • 13 JUN 15
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    Gym Based Swim Training

    Gym Based Swim Training

    Our swim Physiotherapist, Xela is demonstrating how bands can be used to teach and strengthen the initial freestyle catch, focusing on a early vertical forearm. The catch and pull phase is the main technique element that separates elite from non-elite swimmers. The early vertical forearm or high elbow catch utilises larger muscle groups to increaseRead more →
    • 06 APR 15
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    Swim Lactate Testing For Triathletes

    Swim Lactate Testing For Triathletes

    3 Swim Performance Factors Technique Physical Conditioning Psychological Conditioning   These three are the primary factors that contribute to a swim performance which can be altered with training in the pool & the gym. As discussed in a previous post, technique can prevent injury and maximize power in the water Physical conditioning can be measured

    Read more →

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