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Offering a multi-disciplinary team approach to sports medicine, injury rehabilitation/prevention, strength & conditioning and health & fitness. We believe in training movement patterns rather than individual muscles and use a functional approach to do this. Catering to all ages, levels and abilities from the elite Olympic athlete to the complete beginner.

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    • 12 SEP 14
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    Strength & Conditioning for Juveniles

    Strength & Conditioning for Juveniles

    When should a child start a strength and conditioning program? Is it safe for a child to lift weights? These are two of the most common questions asked by parents and coaches at our clinic. Currently no evidence indicates a minimum age for participation in correctly designed strength & conditioning programs.   Any aspiring athlete deemed

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    • 03 SEP 14
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    Plantar Fasciitis

    Plantar fasciitis is an overuse condition of the plantar fascia at its attachment to the calcaneus. The term ‘fasciitis’ is misleading as it suggests that it is an inflammatory condition but the collagen disarray occurs in the absence of inflammatory cells. Therefore a more accurate term would be plantar fasciosis

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