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Offering a multi-disciplinary team approach to sports medicine, injury rehabilitation/prevention, strength & conditioning and health & fitness. We believe in training movement patterns rather than individual muscles and use a functional approach to do this. Catering to all ages, levels and abilities from the elite Olympic athlete to the complete beginner.

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    • 11 AUG 16
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    Interview With Finn Lynch

    Interview With Finn Lynch

    This Interview Took Place in Late 2013 shortly after Finn’s move to Olympic Class At just 17 years of age, Finn has shown signs that he may be destined for the top.  His silver medal at the U-17 world Topper Championship was just the beginning of a huge 18 months for the Carlow native as

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    • 13 JUN 15
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    Gym Based Swim Training

    Gym Based Swim Training

    Our swim Physiotherapist, Xela is demonstrating how bands can be used to teach and strengthen the initial freestyle catch, focusing on a early vertical forearm. The catch and pull phase is the main technique element that separates elite from non-elite swimmers. The early vertical forearm or high elbow catch utilises larger muscle groups to increaseRead more →

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