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Sports Med Ireland was founded by Mark McCabe MSc (Sports Med), MISCP, CSCS in 2006.

We operate from a state of the art functional training and rehabilitation facility in a convenient, easily accessible city centre location. Our ethos in Sports Med Ireland is very much founded in excellence and we pride ourselves in our unique, co-ordinated approach to client care, training and injury rehabilitation. Our multi-disciplinary team of Chartered Physiotherapists, Strength and Conditioning coaches, Personal Trainers and Sports Massage therapists are all formally educated, highly qualified and certified by relevant governing bodies.

The standards of excellence, level of knowledge, expertise and skill we have in training and progressing our clients, from Olympic Athletes to complete beginners, are continually refined, developed and improved to ensure the service our clients receive is always second to none.

Whatever your goal is e.g. rehab from injury, general fitness, weight loss, sport specific training, strength & conditioning and programming for disciplines such as Triathlon, Running, Cycling, Track & Field, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, GAA etc. we can help. We have experience and a proven track record in all these areas and will ensure at all times that our service to you is personalised to your goals, functional, progressive, challenging and motivating.

Our Gallery


  • Annalise Murphy - Laser Radial Sailor, Olympic Athlete, London Olympics 2012

    “I started going to Sports Med Ireland in september 2006, when I was 16, I was completely clueless! I couldn’t do a squat and was very unbalanced (no chance of doing any 1 leg deadlifts!)

    In the last 6 years I have benefitted massively out of working in Sports Med, I am yet to get any major injury which I put down the strength and conditioning program I have had. In the last 6 years I have had some great events including finishing 5th and 4th at the Youth World and Europeans 2008 respectively, finishing 8th at the senior World Championships 2009 and Under 21 World Champion in 2009 and finishing 6th at the World Championships in 2011 an in so qualifying for the London 2012 games. I have been able to become one of the best in the world by being as strong and fit as possible and Mark and all the staff in Sports Med made this possible, weather it was the 7am sessions I would do before school when I was in 6th year, or getting out cycling on thursday and saturday mornings, having a tailored program that suits me is what makes SMI so good, I have always been pushed more then I thought I was able for!

    I now see Sports Med as a second home, as whenever I am home I seem to be in there for most of my time! I have been a full time athlete for the last 3 years which is hard as I have to be very self motivated to train 6 days and week twice a day, but having Mark and the SMI staff has made it easier, I am given a programme and I try to stick to it, thanks to SMI I should be in the best shape of my life come London!”

  • Keith Barry - Mentalist & International Celebrity

    ‘”Having sustained serious leg injuries in a bad car accident a few years back if it wasn’t for the physio treatment I received by Mark McCabe I would probably still be on crutches to this very day. Thanks Mark!!!’

Meet The Team

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